Alpaka's products are engineered with durable parts fabrics, and they are inspired by the multi-faceted lives of modern times. Minimal and made for urban life, but also durable and versatile enough for short outdoor adventures.

Brian Brown Knives

In the world of custom knives, Brian Brown's name stands as a symbol of excellence, and his creations, both custom and production models, are sought after by collectors and knife enthusiasts worldwide.
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Combat Beads

Premium EDC beads, prybars, bit drivers, and more. 100% handmade in Canada by Keith Griffin, using his unmatched cratfsmanship and top grade materials like titanium, copper, brass, mokume, and ultem.

Garage Built Gear

Garage Built Gear, owned and operated by Matt Chambers in Tennessee USA, specializes in crafting premium handmade EDC pouches and gear using the highest quality materials for exceptional durability and functionality.


GIL-TEK, located in Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains, is led by the brilliant engineer Tyler Gilbertson, a steadfast innovator in the EDC community. All their products are 100% Made in the USA.


GØØNTAPE® provides the softest, no-slip grip for the tools you count on most. Their Raid Tape improves felt recoil, wicks moisture, and covers attachment rails so you can stay on-target and in the fight, even when the work gets wet.

Justin Lundquist Designs

Justin Lundquist is a talented knife designer and custom knifemaker. He is well-known for his innovative designs that blend functionality with a modern and artistic touch, using high-quality materials and focusing on ergonomics.


Kizer got its start in knives in 2013 and is seen as one of the premier knife manufacturers in the world. Kizer collaborates with world-class designers to create innovative and functional knife designs.

Pichi Design

Pichi is a Canadian team of industrial/product designers, and mechanical engineers. Inspired by EDC enthusiasm they create purpose-driven, unique, and durable products with Titanium as their preferred material.
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Soul Built

SOUL BUILT emphasizes appreciation for craftsmanship. As a small design & build workshop, they prioritize perfection, valuing the hard work invested in each product, inviting users to savor the artistry in their hands.

Tekto Knives

Tekto Knives is a renowned manufacturer with premium quality blades and innovative designs. Emphasizing craftsmanship and functionality, their cutting-edge knives attract enthusiasts and professionals seeking top-notch performance.